Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a beginner - can I come?
You should at least be able to finger and name all the notes within a range of about an octave and a half including sharps and flats. Also a basic ability to read musical notation and translate it into action. However, great speed is not required. Even if you can only manage to play one note in each bar, that would be perfectly acceptable, and you will be amazed how quickly your reading skills will improve. Also, if you contact us ahead of time, and let us know your level of experience, we can make sure to include some easier pieces in the session.
As a guide to the recommended minimum ability, have a look at this piece (O Magnum Mysterium by William Byrd). If you can play along with this recording of the computer playing the piece, then you will fit in just fine. Note: Under 16s must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
I haven't got a recorder yet. What size should I buy?
If possible, start with a treble recorder. Children usually start with a descant recorder, as these are more suitable for small hands and are cheaper, but descants are rather shrill and penetrating and so we usually only need two or three in the group at any one time.