Playing Log 2017
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All arrangements by Terry Gill unless marked otherwise
January A. Holborne - Two Quintets: The Cradle & The New Yeares Gift
Thomas Weelkes - If Beauty Be A Treasure
John Dowland arr: Andrew Charlton - Four Ayres
G B dalla Gostena arr: Reginald Smith Brindle - Two Fantasias
George Gershwin arr: Raymond Harver - Suite of Gershwin Melodies
February Anon - Two Hymn Tunes from the Paderborn Gesangbuch
Stanley Taylor - Fantasia on 'Polly Oliver' and 'Gathering Peascods'
Johann Pezel - Intrada
Jean Baptiste Lully - Chaconne from the opera 'Phaeton'
Henry Purcell - Pavan and Chaconne
Andrew Challinger - Ballad Blues & Riffs
March Palestrina - 2 Ricercare
Bassano - Royal Wind Music
Mozart - Non Piu Andrai
Sullivan - Overture to Patience
Joplin - The Entertainer
Bloodworth - Suite Pastiche
Hawkes - Autumn tapestry
April No meeting
May Josquin Des Prez - Schanson
Allan Herbie Jones - Love and Kindness
Guiseppe Torelli - Balletto Veronese
Ernest Tomlinson - Country Dance
Alan Bullard - North Sea Sketches
June Ernest Tomlinson - Country Dance
Josquin Des Prez - Frottola Scaramella va alla guerra
Francesco d'Ana - Frottola La mia vita librale
Orlando de Lassus - Timor et Tremor
Edvard Grieg - Holberg Suite
James Carey - Pets
July Trad - Helston Furry Dance
Nick Wynne - Dreaming
Michael East - Desperavi
Nick Wynne - Spookay!
John Bennet - Weep o mine eyes
Jonasson - Cuckoo Waltz
John Farmer - Fair Phyllis
Trad arr. Richard Lindsay - Scarborough Fair
Trad arr. Richard Lindsay - In Scarlet Town
Nick Wynne - Frankie's cha cha cha
John Bratton - Teddy Bears' Picnic
August Rameau - Entree de Polymnie
Percy Fletcher - Lubly Lulu
J G Walther - Concerto No 1 del Sigr. Albinoni
Shostakovich - Contredance from "The Gadfly"
September Hans Leo Hassler - Nun Fanget An
Dmytro Bortnianski - Ich Bete An
J S Bach - Art of Fugue Contrapunctus I
Jacques Arcadelt - Chanson
Israeli Folk Song - Artza Alinu
Archangelo Corelli - La Folia
Raymond Harvey - Suite No. 5 'In Sherwood Forest'