Playing Log 2018
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All arrangements by Terry Gill unless marked otherwise
January A. Holborne - Two Quintets: The Cradle & The New Yeares Gift
John Henry Hopkins Jr. - We Three Kings
Johann Strauss II - Dreams of Vienna
W A Mozart - German Dance K605 'The Sleigh Ride'
Nicholas Wynne - Those Squawking Birds!
Sidney J Hollyoak - Welsh Suite
R Vaughan Williams - Rhosymedre
(Playing day with Marg Hall)
T.L. de Victoria - O Quam Glorioso
Trad Arr: M Hall - Two Scottish Marches
William Byrd - Fantasia a 6 No 1
Marg Hall - More For Four
Purcell Arr: M Hall - Ode on St Cecilia's Day 1692
Youmans Arr: Gritton - Tea for Two
Orlando di Lasso - O La O Che Bon Eccho (The Echo Song)
Palestrina - Exsultate Deo
March Antonio Lotti - Salve Regina
Phillip Wilby - The Bird Fancyer's Delight
Ronald Autenrieth - Hanky Panky
April Carlo Gesualdo - Felice Primavera
J.M. Haydn - Salve Regina
Francisco Guerrero - Salve Regina
Felix Mendelssohn - Fuga from String Quartet
Jean Baptiste Lully - Chaconne: The Love Potion
Trad Irish - My Love's an Arbutus
May Lodovico Viadana - Exsultate Justi
August Carl Maria Ditters Von Dittersdorf - Notturno
Andrew Charlton - Three Fantasias
June Stanley Taylor - Fantasia on Polly Oliver & Gathering Peascods
Benjamin Britten - Scherzo
Florentio Maschera - La Fontana
G.F. Handel - Ritornello & Chorus from Julius Caesar
Andrew Charlton - Three Fantasias
Jack Trombey (arr Gill) - Eye Level
July Lance Eccles - The Swans
Lance Eccles - The Sharks
Samuel Scheidt - Canzon Bergamasca
Nick Wynne (Arr) - Barbara Allen, Early One Morning, Oak and the Ash
Alyson Lewin - A Girl In Every Port
Nick Wynne - Searching for Lambs
Nick Wynne - Allegro ma non troppo
Nick Wynne - Old Dog Walking
Nick Wynne - Mr Jack Russell Walkin'
Henry Mancini (arr: Steve Zegree, tweaked by Nick Wynne) - Moon River